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Technologies Available with Honda Sensing

Today's vehicles have little in common with vehicles of the past from a technological standpoint and are evolving at a rapid pace. Increasingly intelligent cars are helping you drive safely, as is the case with the Honda Sensing package. We're not just talking about safety anymore, but also about driving assistance, technologies that are very well mastered by the Japanese manufacturer Honda.

Honda Ile-Perrot West of Montreal, near Valleyfield, Deux-Montagnes and Rigaud, presents the technologies offered with Honda Sensing. The dealership has a large inventory of Honda SUVs, including Honda Passports, allowing you to customize your next vehicle. Try out online features such as "Build my Honda Civic" or "Honda Clarity Build and Price" to configure the vehicle that suits you!

Safer Driving Than Ever Before

Honda Sensing driver assistance technologies do more than just protect you from accidents - they can help ensure that they never happen. Without taking away the fun of driving, they act as an extra set of eyes for you and an efficient and responsive co-pilot.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW) is one of the features up the package: as the name suggests, it warns you when there is an imminent risk of collision. Based on your speed and the presence of a vehicle in front of you, it quickly calculates the risk and warns you; if you don't react, it will act.

That's where the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) comes in: when a collision appears unavoidable, the system will apply the brakes itself. Don't worry, it's never abrupt or unpredictable: a light brake pressure will be applied first and then, if necessary, firmer braking.

The technologies also help avoid other risk factors such as unintentional lane departure, first with a lane departure warning. So if you haven't activated your turn signals to signal a lane change, but your vehicle swerves, you'll be alerted immediately. This feature keeps an eye on your vehicle's position on the road and will, again, begin to alert you if your wheels go outside of the lane.

Lane Departure Mitigation works in conjunction with Lane Departure Warning, adjusting your vehicle's direction while applying the brakes as needed. Lane Departure Assist corrects the direction of your steering wheel when you appear to be swerving unintentionally.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Adjustment is another technology that drivers appreciate for its convenience. It allows you to keep your distance from vehicles in front of you while driving at a set speed, especially during peak traffic hours.

The Honda Sensing package also includes road sign recognition using intelligent cameras integrated into the vehicle. So if there's a change in the speed limit, you'll be alerted by the vehicle itself, which will even adjust the speed for you. This feature can be very helpful in case of inattention or simply when you’re driving on unfamiliar roads.

Honda Sensing is a comprehensive set of technologies designed to make your life easier and safer. Many accidents can be mitigated, and often avoided, without the need for heavy braking or unnecessary warnings.

All Honda vehicles are equipped with a Honda Sensing technology package; some features may vary from one vehicle to another. Ask your dealer for more information about the model you're interested in and discover a wide range of other available features!

Honda Ile-Perrot Cares About Its Customers!

The West Montreal dealership team is friendly and dedicated to your satisfaction: they will offer you exceptional and memorable service. Automotive experts will guide you and help you configure the perfect car, whether you're looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle.

Financing experts will also help you set up a payment plan that fits your budget and your financial situation. Come and meet the team at our dealership or take advantage of the equally excellent online service on the Honda Ile-Perrot website!

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