The all-new Honda CR-V on a bridge near your dealership Honda ile Perrot, near Vaudreuil and Pointe-Claire

The All-New 2020 Honda CR-V

For many years now, the Honda CR-V has been roaming the roads of Quebec and Canada, and for good reason: it is a polyvalent SUV which draws the eye, all while being very reliable, robust and user-friendly. 

Honda Île Perrot, near Vaudreuil-Dorion and hardly a few minutes away from Montreal’s West Island, is a well-seasoned dealership who knows its products thanks to a devoted team of experts, and is able to make you live an out-of-the-ordinary client experience.

The 2020 CR-V, a Hit on the SUV Market

Two years ago, the Honda CR-V renewed itself, and since this date, it has not ceased to conquer the hearts of many consumers who want to go far in all security, all while dethroning the 2018 competition in its category, surpassing the Nissan Rogue and the Toyota RAV4. And by the way, if you see a pre-owned CR-V at your dealership, hurry up and take possession of it, because it will soon leave its pen.

In 2020, the CR-V presents itself with more style and a slightly more robust look than the previous years, allowing the model to illustrate itself in the Canadian landscape with an abundance of chrome and a grill that make head spins. Even more spectacular is its sporty side with its lights and shinier and enhanced hubcaps, thus giving relief and verticality at the same time as originality to the vehicle. 

Landmark vehicle in its segment, the 2020 CR-V distinguishes itself with a 1.5-liter turbo engine already inside the Civic and the Accord.

This turbocharged group indeed allows to engage yourself with power on the highways, developing 190 horsepower and an engine couple (acceleration power) of 179 lb-ft. With such an engine, which is more performant and condensed under the hood, the 2020 CR-V sees itself receiving the palm in its category, getting in ahead of its closest rival, the Toyota RAV4. 

By the way, the interior cabin of the 2020 CR-V is very spacious, user-friendly and has no defaults, taking into consideration that its dashboard overlooks everything else and remains the most ergonomic thing on the market. Since the orders are relatively minimalists, the driver feels confident and this friendly ergonomic keeps him from constantly checking the owner’s manual, on top of its central screen which now allows to receive Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with an avant-gardist infotainment system, impressive functionalities and happiness behind the wheel.

Better yet, since the 2020 CR-V possesses a spacious cabin, this translates in a large clearing for the legs, especially if you leave on an adventure to discover Quebec, Canada and the United States, and know that you will feel as if you were in your living room, especially with the reclining backseats, which give even more space and have comfort to spare. Once you will have taken place in the 2020 CR-V, whether it’s in the front or the back, you will not be bothered by useless gadgets, and the elevated sunroof will give you even more space in the cabin with its panoramic view, not to forget the hidden storage spaces, allowing you to store a panoply of things during your commutes without your objects being in plain sight.

The 2020 CR-V fulfills another SUV consumer’s wish, which is the one for storage space, since it clearly distinguishes itself from the competition with the most generous storage space of its category, without compromising the driving of the vehicle, which is done as easily as would an oversized Civic, but with the advantage of making your life easier during your moves or when moving more imposing objects.

The 2020 CR-V is an SUV who has a great reputation, an excellent resale value, is robust and safe with its active security system all while having the qualities of an oversized sedan who is worth its share of gold and who remains the number one choice for today and tomorrow’s SUV driver; the Japanese designer reserves us again some nice surprises about the CR-V’s future and its next variations. 

Honda Île Perrot, an Exceptional Dealership!

At Honda Île Perrot, we like to meet your expectations, and to do this, we take the time to listen to you, exchange about your needs and present you the best options by looking first and foremost to develop a relationship on the mid and long-term with our clients. Thanks to an experienced advisor team and experts in technical service, we ensure you an exceptional support from start to finish. 

Come live the automobile experience at Honda Île Perrot near Saint-Lazare, Vaudreuil-Dorion and hardly a few minutes away from Montreal’s West Island, you will leave with the car of your dreams, the one who best meets your needs and know that at Honda Île Perrot we have the 2020 CR-V you need.

The black interior of the Honda CR-V at your dealership Honda ile-Perrot near Vaudreuil and Pointe-Claire

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